The unique beachwear collection for your team


Team Beachwear

The unique beachwear collection for your team

Team Beachwear is a colourful, stylish collection of matching beachwear that your whole team can wear! Whether it’s kids matching with each other, the whole family going mix-and-match crazy, or you and your friends sporting the same look, we guarantee to add a huge burst of colour and happiness to your beachwear.

Team Beachwear is a friendly family company based in beautiful Perthshire. All of our designs and luxury prints are designed in-house and unique to us, and we insist on using the highest-quality materials as well as being as ethical as possible. All of our fabrics are printed in the UK and every single garment is fully manufactured here in Great Britain. We are proud to make it British.

Most importantly, Team Beachwear is about fun! We want you to enjoy our beachwear as you run, jump, swim, splash, paddle, dive and explore. We want you to feel the love that comes from being part of a team, whoever happens to be in yours.

We can’t wait to help you and your team match your beachwear!